Quality Yogurt requires Quality Media

A top yogurt brand used Adelaide to reveal which media placements were delivering the best quality for their spend. Full study ›



Ensuring a Smarter Spend for Finance & Insurance

A Fortune 100 Finance & Insurance brand used Adelaide to deliver greater economic insight to their latest brand campaign. Full study ›



In Home Improvement, Measure Twice

In a foundational study for a top home improvement company, Adelaide revealed a nearly 10X variation in attention-efficiency among placements with similar CPMs. Full study ›



Tracking Campaign Health for a Top Fitness Brand

A luxury fitness brand used Adelaide to keep a pulse on a new product release, all without breaking a sweat. Full study ›



Serving Better Campaign Performance

A top wine & spirits brand lowered their cost of attention by nearly 35% with Adelaide recommended optimizations. Full study ›


Adelaide measures the quality of media, revealing its true value.

We help brands evaluate the quality of media purchased through programmatic and direct channels, to ensure they're investing budgets as efficiently as possible.