Case Study: Home & Garden

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In Home Improvement, Measure Twice

In a foundational study for a top home improvement company, Adelaide revealed a nearly 10X variation in attention-efficiency among placements with similar CPMs.




Cost of Attention vs CPM

This report plots the CPM paid per placement against the CPMAU (cost per thousand Attention Units), revealing opportunities to optimize to placements that are more cost-efficient at capturing attention.


Cost of Attention vs Viewability

Viewability (red line) is an imperfect proxy for attention, some of the lowest viewability placements are most efficient at capturing attention.


Attention vs Impressions

More efficient placements are able to generate an outsized amount of attention relative to the number of impressions served.


Adelaide measures the quality of media, revealing its true value.

We help brands evaluate the quality of media purchased through programmatic and direct channels, to ensure they're investing budgets as efficiently as possible.